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Double F/Bb horn, model 902L

The 902L double horn is a premium professional instrument primarily designed for solo and orchestra performances. Based on our top-of-the-range 102 model, it is equipped with a J. Meinlschmidt valve mechanism to meet the requirements of foreign musicians. The instrument offers unparalleled tonal and expressive range. It does not aim for loudness, but rather supports the player in creating true art – its sound has colour and character, returning to the purest form of French horn playing.

The J. Meinlschmidt 27 mm rotary valve mechanism may not be the most lightweight, but it is meticulously crafted, making for excellent durability. The valves can be customised, featuring either Minibal ball joints or a string mechanism. We pay special attention to consistent quality in all registers, ergonomics, elegance, and ease of playing. The 902L also boasts superb intonation.

€ 5.800,00