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Single Bb horn, model 105L

This handcrafted premium instrument is designed for advanced musicians, professional players, and orchestras. It wins you over with its playability and breath-taking tone. This horn is an ideal choice for players who prefer Bb horns and demand a high, yet affordable, standard of play.

The hand-hammered bell and the #45 leadpipe make for great playability. The horn features a detachable bell and can be equipped with an additional A stop valve. The rotary valve mechanism with Minibal ball joints is made on site using our own CNC equipment. We are happy to tailor the instrument to your individual requirements – the basic model comes with a screw-in bell, but we can also provide a one-piece hand-hammered bell. For a surcharge, the horn can feature a thin decorative engraved ring (30 mm).

This instrument can be provided with a lacquered or non-lacquered finish, and for a surcharge with a polished silver-plated finish (made by ÖGUSSA Austria) with or without gold-plated hardware, and with a fully gold-plated finish (made by ÖGUSSA Austria).

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