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Double horn F/Bb , model 102L

This exceptional professional instrument is primarily designed for solo and orchestra performances, offering an unparalleled tonal and expressive range. It does not aim for loudness, but rather supports the player in creating true art – its sound has colour and character, returning to the purest form of French horn playing.

This horn features a rotary valve mechanism with Minibal ball joints, which is produced on site using our own CNC equipment. We pay special attention to consistent quality in all registers, ergonomics, elegance, and ease of playing. The 102L also boasts superb intonation.

This instrument can be provided with a lacquered or non-lacquered finish, and for a surcharge with a polished silver-plated finish (made by ÖGUSSA Austria) with or without gold-plated hardware, and with a fully gold-plated finish (made by ÖGUSSA Austria).

€ 4.999,00


Bell material
Brass 72 % Cu 28 % Zn or Red brass 85 % Cu 15 % Zn one-piece "hand hamered" bell - thickness 0,5 mm or Two-piece joined - body thickness 0,45 mm, flare 0,55 mm
12 mm
Clear laquer- 102L, 102GL
Instrument weight
2 350g