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Double horn F/Bb , model 102L

Perfection, expression, beauty and aesthetics should be essential qualities of professional playing!!!

This was the basic idea behind the design of this model of a French horn. This is an instrument with a genteel tone, light response and great dynamic range. The instrument has a great expressive potential and allows for excellent legibility of your playing and comfortable high register.

Only a content player can produce top-notch results!!!

Therefore the instrument weighs only 2,300 g, which is a very comfortable weight. The musician’s comfort is so important for us that already the basic equipment of the instrument includes an adjustable finger hook, adjustable hand-rest, screwed joint for comfortable transport and colourless lacquer finish for easy maintenance. A valve for change from one key to another is placed behind the third valve which enables quick and comfortable change from the basic F key to Bb key. The fourth valve for changing keys can be adjusted individually.

Only a beautiful and noble tone will make your perfection audible!!!

This model is produced with a medium-sized (Medium bore) hand-made bell in combination with a conical mouthpiece pipe no.46 of the classical central Europe sound that enables advanced players to achieve results of maximal aesthetic quality, as it has been a tradition in central Europe for years. The instrument can be combined in an orchestra with instruments of renowned German producers and this brings about no problems.

€ 5.700,00


Bell material
Brass 72 % Cu 28 % Zn or Red brass 85 % Cu 15 % Zn one-piece "hand hamered" bell - thickness 0,5 mm or Two-piece joined - body thickness 0,45 mm, flare 0,55 mm
12 mm
Clear laquer- 102L, 102GL
Instrument weight
2 350g