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About us

M. Jiráček & sons is a family business dating back to 1992. It was founded
by our father, Milan Jiráček (1941–2010), who utilised his more than
30 years of experience in making musical instruments.
The craft has since been passed down to the second generation,
his sons Vlastimil and Milan Jiráček. We follow in the
great tradition of local instrument-making, going back several
hundred years. The region of Kraslice-Markneukirchen on the
Czech-German border is the European birthplace of brass
instruments, which produced most of the founders of
current leading manufacturers.

How we work

Drawing on the wisdom of the old masters, we complement it with modern processes and technologies. Each of our musical instruments is meticulously crafted. We take pride in our fine workmanship and attention to detail, continuously striving to make more lightweight instruments with great playing properties. Our instruments are synonymous with modern ergonomic design, balanced intonation, ease of playing, and, most importantly, beauty in every detail, both in terms of sound and appearance.


J. Meinlschmidt

Valve mechanisms


Silver and gold plating






Hand-made bells



Ball joints and parts