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Our long experience and first-rate servicing facilities and technical equipment is a guarantee that your musical instrument is in good hands. Many notable players of classical, popular and folk music from both the Czech Republic and abroad entrust their instruments to our care.

Repairs of wind instruments

We provide complete servicing, maintenance and ultrasonic cleaning (using special American equipment) of instruments by M. Jiráček & sons. We can carry out repairs of most brass mouthpiece instruments, including surface treatment, using our own technology for lacquering and the technology of the renowned Viennese company ÖGUSSA for silver plating.

We provide repairs and servicing of valve mechanisms, and adjust and replace rotary valve gears. We make spare parts on site, using our own CNC lathe and milling equipment, and have many rare parts in stock. Other spare parts come from both local and foreign suppliers. As a result, we are able to carry out special repairs of professional musical instruments.




Rare parts
in stock

High standard

Primarily, we repair musical instruments by M. Jiráček & sons; we can also repair instruments by Belltone, Melton, B&S, and Carol Brass, provided that your instrument was bought from us or our dealers.

Hourly rates of brass instruments repair

Hourly rate on our produced and distributed instruments
20 EUR / hour
Hourly rate on our unsold instruments
25 EUR / hour
Express repairextra charge 30%
Repair at weekends and public holidays extra charge 200% + travel cost to work
Warranty inspectionsDuring the warranty period, you are entitled to a free basic inspection once a year, including oiling and tightening of loose parts. Repair of any defects caused by use and wear-and-tear is subject to charge, which includes materials used.

Guide to prices of inspections not covered by warranty

3-rotary-valve instruments

40 EUR

4-rotary-valve instruments

60 EUR

Piston valve instruments

40 EUR

The prices include material used, oiling, cleaning, and valve stop cords.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Trumpet - Flugelhorn50-80 EUR
French horn100-150 EUR
Euphonium150-180 EUR

ltrasonic cleaning is provided for instruments up to the size of a tenor horn. Tubas are cleaned ultrasonically only when disassembled for general overhauls. Please note that the procedure makes instruments clean, but NOT shiny.

General overhauls


Usual price of work (not including parts)

Surcharge for lacquering

Surcharge for silver plating by ÖGUSSA WIEN

Trumpet150-250 EUR400 EUR
Flugelhorn200-400 EUR400 EUR
Trombone250-430 EUR
Tenor horn250-430 EUR
Euphonium250-430 EUR
Single horn250-430 EUR
Double horn500-800 EUR
Triple horn1 100 -1 800 EUR
F tuba1 000 -1 500 EUR
BB Tuba1 000 -1 500 EUR
CC Tuba1 000 - 1 500 EUR


Using our own technology, we lacquer instruments up to the size of tenor and baritone horns. Lacquering of bigger instruments needs to be carried out in Germany, with the exception of instruments made by Amati V. F. Červený, the lacquering of which can be arranged at the Amati factory. Amati does not lacquer instruments made by other brands.

We are happy to provide first-rate lacquer produced by the German company Müller Lack.

Rádi vám zajistíme prvotřídní laky z Německa od firmy Müller.

Stříbříme jen malé díly. Výrobky Amati-Denak lze stříbřit v ČR, na ostatních spolupracujeme se špičkovou firmou ÖGUSSA z Vídně

Repair of other brands

In individual cases, we can carry out repairs of instruments by other manufacturers, primarily Amati V. F. Červený and professional instruments by Alexander, Vincent Bach, etc.