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Piccolo Trumpet in Bb/A, model 151L

This premium piccolo trumpet by M. Jiráček & sons may be small in size, but it is great in beauty and the grace of sound. Our musicians like to say that once you try it, you never want to part with it. The instrument was developed in cooperation with Vlastimil Bialas, a legendary Brno player and a former solo trumpet player with Düsseldorfer Symphoniker. It is well-suited for professional solo and orchestra players.
The trumpet has balanced intonation and a very pleasant tone. It is well-proportioned, easy to hold, and comfortable to play. It only comes with a one-piece hand-hammered bell with an unsoldered rim, providing for a softer sound. All slides and bows are made of special brass with 30% nickel, which makes for practically endless durability and a steadier tone compared to instruments made by other manufacturers.

The basic model has a lacquered finish. The 151S model has a polished silver-plated finish (made by ÖGUSSA Austria). For a surcharge, we also offer a silver-plated finish with gold-plated hardware, and a fully gold-plated finish (made by ÖGUSSA Austria).

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Bb, 440-443 Hz
Bell material
Brass: 72 % Cu, 28 % Zn
Bell diameter
11,50 mm
Tunable slides on 3th slide
Instrument weight