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Trumpet in Bb, model 135L

The handcrafted 135L trumpet is a professional instrument well-suited for advanced conservatory students, and players in big bands, brass bands and brass orchestras. It is light, easily playable, and very expressive. It features a two-piece hand-bended yellow brass bell with a soldered rim. The trumpet is synonymous with great intonation, and a stylish and perfectly ergonomic design. It has tunable 1st and 3rd slides, and can be tailored to individual players’ needs. The basic model has a lacquered finish. The 135S model has a polished silver-plated finish (made by ÖGUSSA Austria).

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Bb, 443-440 Hz
Bell material
Brass: 70 % Cu, 30 % Zn Two-piece joined - body thickness 0,55 mm, flare 0,6 mm with soldered rim
Bell diameter
125 mm
11,70 mm
Nickel brass outer/brass inner
Tunable slides on 1th and 3th slide with aretation on 3th slide
Water keys
Clear laquer by models 135L, 135GL
Instrument weight
1 140 g
Light case