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Trumpet in Bb, model 136L

The 136L trumpet is a handcrafted instrument for solo professional players, big bands and classical music orchestras. Dull, serially produced instruments pale into insignificance compared to its grace and elegance. The trumpet is designed to complement the musician’s playing, at the same time allowing for individual musical expression. It is light, meticulously crafted using first-rate components, very comfortable to play, with a refined sound. It can be tailored to the requirements of individual players.

The 136L boasts great intonation and an exquisite tone with great projection suitable for big orchestras. Its intonation is balanced, providing for easily achievable legatos even in higher registers. The model only comes with a one-piece hand-hammered bell and has tunable 1st and 3rd slides.

The basic model has a lacquered finish. The 135S model has a polished silver-plated finish (made by ÖGUSSA Austria). For a surcharge, we also offer a silver-plated finish with gold-plated hardware, and a fully gold-plated finish (made by ÖGUSSA Austria).

€ 0,00


Bb, 440-443 Hz
Bell material
Brass 72 % Cu, 28 % Zn Red brass 85 % Cu, 15 % Zn one-piece "hand hamered" bell - thickness 0,55 mm
Bell diameter
125 mm
11,7 mm
Tunable slides on 1th and 3th slide with aretation on 3th slide
Water keys
Clear epoxy laquer "Duralit" 136L
Instrument weight
1 140g
ABS case
Bell geometry
37 - B.Sandner - slimer bell 43 - B&S - medium size M.Jiracek bell - wider bell


Mgr. Stano Dávid

First trumpet of "DH Gloria"

Mgr.Zbyněk Bílek

First Flugelhorn of "DH Moravanka Jana Slabáka"