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Trumpet in Bb, model 139S

The 139S trumpet is a premium handcrafted instrument for solo professional players, big bands, and classical music orchestras. Dull, serially produced instruments pale into insignificance compared to its exquisite tone. The trumpet is a musicians’ natural ally, helping them achieve perfection and respecting their individuality at the same time.

The model is based on the time-tested 139 trumpet, which was tailored to the individual needs of Petr Jandásek, at past the first flugelhorn in the Vlado Kumpan band now 12 Merishen 12maehrischen.de. Jandásek himself spent months testing all of the adjustments. The leadpipe is designed for a maximum dynamic range and precise intonation. The tone is exquisite with great projection suitable for big orchestras. The intonation is balanced, providing for easily achievable legatos even in higher registers. We offer a choice of two different valve mechanisms: a traditional mechanism with nickel brass casings for better durability (identical to the 136 mechanism), and also lately a J. Meinlschmidt mechanism with special patented pistons.

The instrument has a polished silver-plated finish (made by ÖGUSSA Austria) with gold-plated hardware. A luxury case is included.



€ 0,00


Tunable slides on 1th and 3th slide with aretation on 3th slide
Silver plate 136S
Instrument weight
1 140g
Bb, 440-443 Hz
Bell material
Brass 72 % Cu, 28 % Zn Red brass 85 % Cu, 15 % Zn one-piece "hand hamered" bell - thickness 0,5 mm
Bell diameter


Mgr. Petr Jandásek

First Flugelhorn of "Kumpanovi muzikanti"