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Vienna horn, model 109D

The Vienna horn after Ulman style is available in two versions of handmade bells:

109 - Josef Cidrich (1817-1899), (Brno) - with Ms garland - wide Vienna style of bell. „Josef Cidrich (Zidrich) was born in Brno, Moravia in 1817. From 1830 to 1834 he studied under his father Jakob Cidrich (1756-1858), and on completion of this apprenticeship he began working in his father's shop in Brno. In 1855 Josef established his own brass instrument shop independently. Upon his father's death three years later Josef succeeded him with his younger brother Johann (1829-1893) working for him. The Cidrich shop flourished until the death of Johann in 1893. Josef Cidrich died in Brno on March 27, 1899.“

109 D - The most famous "Anton Dehmal“ (Vienna) - with MsNi garland - medium Bohemia stile of bell. „Anton Dehmal (1884-1907) established his firm in Vienna in 1883 after training with L. Ulmann worked at Bohland & Fuchs in Graslitz from 1875 to 1882, and returned to Vienna in 1883 as manager of the Leopold Ulhmann firm. Anton Dehmal died in 1907“

€ 4.300,00


Bell material
Yellow brass 72 % Cz, 28 % Zn body thickness 0,45 mm, flare 0,55 mm
11,1 mm
F, 440-445 Hz
Polishing brass
Instrument weight
1 520g


František Šupin

solo horn player Theatro del Liceo, Barcelona (Espana)